For Talia, Tolson, Breanna and Max, With April 25th coming up this week – I thought you might be interested to know why it is such a significant day for New Zealand and… Continue reading


Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus … names that instantly come to mind when you think of London. There is just so much to see in and do here, that you’d… Continue reading


Several years ago, I had the opportunity to spend three weeks driving through eastern Europe and one of the countries I visited was Bosnia-Herzegovina. Part of the former Yugoslavia, this war torn country… Continue reading

Alaska – Glacier Bay National Park

Alaska really is an amazing place – it is so wild and big. Traveling there, you sometimes feel like you are the first explorer to see the places you go. There are vast… Continue reading

Thailand – Part 2

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and more than 8 million people call this amazing city home. The city is full of incredible color with the markets, and temples that dot the… Continue reading

Thailand – Part 1

Thailand is another really amazing country to visit. Aunty Jane had the opportunity to go there in 2011 with Ken who was teaching at a university in Bangkok. While he wasn’t working we… Continue reading

Panama – Deep in the Jungle

If you click on the + or – signs in the map above you can see where in the world Panama is, or take a closer look at the jungle! Part of my… Continue reading